Feeding EP, Paroxysm mLP

Two more releases by bands I’ve recorded have surfaced since I’ve last posted. Both recordings took place last fall and both bands are from Edmonton

First, Feeding has a tape consisting of 5 tracks. Both the recording and mixing were done by me. Four of the tracks are really thrashy hardcore that breakdown into some sludgier areas, with the other track further exploring sludge tempos. I’ve recorded them again more recently, and their newer material has taken in some Entombed influence. More on that to come. Here’s their self titled EP:

Paroxysm are another new Edmonton band, but some members are certainly not new to the scene, as they have played in bands such as Iskra, Self Rule, etc. This mLP consists of 7 ripping crust songs that live up to the genre’s core value of combining metal influences (Bolt Thrower and Sacrilege come to mind) with politically charged lyrics that highlight human atrocities close to home. I only did the recording, mixing/mastering was handled by Cody Baresich at Circle A Studio in Victoria.