Highbernation – Comatokes

Sophomore release from Edmonton stoner doom metallers Highbernation. After recording them in 2018, we linked up again in January to lay down tracks for this 3 song EP. The recording was considerably smoother and turned out better than their debut in my opinion. We ended up having to use the scratch track on a couple parts, and I utilized the DI tracks at some points just to create the proper balance of sounds in some parts. It was just a really enjoyable process overall, and I’m always happy when a band decides to come work with me again. Fans of Sleep and Electric Wizard will love this.

This is the last recording I did with some of my older, cheaper microphones. I’ve since upgraded to a kit of Sennheiser e600 drum mics. I already was using the kick drum mic from that series, which was what lead me to finding out they had an entire kit available (meaning, I now have two of the kick drum mics). I was using a higher end 900 series for the overhead condenser microphones (just a rental), so it’s really just the snare/toms that were utilizing mics that were on the cheap side. Regardless, I’m still pretty pleased with what we got here, I just wanted to take note. Everything else this year has been recorded with the new mics (Drip Feeder plus a bunch that haven’t been released yet).