Hoopsnake – Snowmanmoth

Genre: Doom Metal | Label: Independent
Location: Squamish, British Columbia| Listen: Bandcamp

hoopsnake snowmanmoth

The western province of British Columbia has produced a lot of heavy bands, and there’s no shortage of bands within the doom metal realm over there. Hailing from Squamish, a town just north up the coast from Vancouver, Hoopsnake have been playing their own brand of Sabbath influenced riffs for over a decade. Their second full length, “Snowmanmoth,” may be their finest hour yet, as it perfectly captures the massive sound that this trio conjures up with a wall of amps and a drum kit with the largest kick and toms possible.

For those not familiar with the band, their sound is very much in the stoner metal realm, taking use of blues scales much like the forefathers of the genre, and playing them with focus on groove and slower tempos. The heavy metal influence feels a lot more pronounced on this record than their previous releases, and with the inclusion of a ZZ Top cover, it’s clear that Hoopsnake lives on a diet of classic rock too. They use these influences to their advantage and it really gives these low tunes riffs just the right feel in the rhythm section that make them instantly infectious. Dave’s solos are super bluesy and definitely have classic rock written all over them. The last track even features some really psychedelic stuff in the intro, pushing the band into more new territory, but never taking it too far where it doesn’t feel like a Hoopsnake record.

For a stoner band, Hoopsnake sidesteps tradition in the vocal department, and don’t use any sort of clean singing. They really push it to the extreme, as bassist Shane has a low pitched growl opposite of guitarist Dave’s high pitched screams. It’s such a classic dynamic more commonly found in extreme metal bands, and it further gives a contrast with the groovy music behind it. Their lyrics are just as dynamic as the songs themselves, as they feature tales of mythical beasts (the title track), life on the road (“Scorpion”), skateboarding, and obviously drugs.

As mentioned, Hoopsnake have a massive live sound thanks to an abundance of amplifiers, and thankfully that sort of feeling is reproduced on this record. This was recorded at Rain City Recorders by Jesse Gander, keeping tradition with their previous vinyl releases. Everything that comes out of that studio sounds full, clear, and genre appropriate, and “Snowmanmoth” is no exception. Seeing as the band are just a power trio, a clear and present bass tone is essential, and it’s certainly full and powerful on this recording. The drums feel as massive as they are physically, without any muddy interference.

The six songs on this record touch so many complementary influences but it all sounds cohesive and catchy, and the longer songs never overstay their welcome. If you’re into the usual stoner doom bands like Electric Wizard and Sleep, “Snowmanmoth” is a must buy record, and Hoopsnake’s discography is worth a dive into as well. You’ll have to buy the album directly from the band, as they put out their material independently, but it’s a worthwhile purchase. There’s a cool booklet filled with art, lyrics, and tour photos that really capture the spirit of this band. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live on many occasions, and this record was an instant buy as soon as I was able to get my hands on it.