Since 2011, I’ve become involved in the audio engineering side of music. This has allowed me not only to record my own music, but help local bands obtain affordable recordings and/or mixing. I am completely self taught and have taken no formal education, just years of trial and error. Below are the various projects I’ve been involved with, sorted by year of release. Drop me a line (orphyx AT gmail DOT com) if you’d like me to work for you.

Chairman “Demonstration II” EP –  Recording, mixing, mastering
Death Knell “Inhumanity” EP – Recording, mixing
Hyphema “Putrid Mutilation” demo – Mixing, mastering
Languid “A Paranoid Wretch in Society’s Games” LP – Recording, mixing

Azath “Through a Warren of Shadow” LP – Recording (bass/vocals), mixing
Bigorexia “Extemporaneous Expirations of Existence” EP – Recording, mixing, mastering
Bind/Torture/Kill “Autolysis of Human Remains” EP – Recording
Dripfeeder s/t EP – Recording, mixing, mastering
Highbernation “Comatokes” EP – Recording, mixing, mastering

Creeping Chill s/t demo – Recording, mixing, mastering
Death Knell s/t EP – Recording, mixing
Everythingyoueverloved “Untitled” LP – Recording, mixing
Feeding “The Stench of Life” EP – Recording, mixing
Feeding “The Stench of Life pt. 2” EP – Mixing, mastering
Languid “Submission is the Only Freedom” EP – Recording, mixing
Revelator II demo – Mixing, mastering

Cruciferous “Naraka” EP – Recording, mixing
Draghkar split w/ Desekryptor – Mixing
Feeding “In Hell” EP – Recording
Highbernation s/t demo – Recording, mixing, mastering
Jazz Cigarette “No Filter” demo – Recording, mixing, mastering
Revelator s/t demo – Mixing, mastering
Sacrificial Rites s/t demo – Recording, mixing, mastering, session lead guitar

Bigorexia “4 Way Split” – Recording (except for drums), mixing, mastering
Demise “Endless Restraint” EP – Recording, mixing
Draghkar “World Unraveled” – Mixing, mastering
Falsehood s/t LP – Recording, mixing
Feeding s/t EP – Recording, mixing
Languid “Oblivion” EP – Recording, mixing
Languid “Resist Mental Slaughter” LP – Recording, mixing
Narkotta EP – Recording, mixing
Paroxysm mLP – Recording

Begrime Exemious “The Enslavement Conquest” LP – Mixing
Messiahlator – “Doom Forever” 7″ – Recording, mixing

Begrime Exemious/Flash Out split 7″ – Mixing of the Begrime Exemious side
Chronobot/Hemptress split LP – Mixing of the Chronobot side
Languid s/t 7″ – Mastering
Languid “4 Track Demo” – Recording, mixing, and mastering
Low Level “Demo 2015” – Recording, mixing, and mastering
Low Level/I Hate Sex split tape – Recording/mixing of the Low Level side
Messiahlator “Demo 2015” – Recording, mixing, and mastering
Narkotta “4 Track Demo I” – Mastering
Narkotta “4 Track Demo II” – Mastering

Begrime Exemious “Primeval Satellite” mLP – Mixing
Begrime Exemious “Wasteland of Damnation” tour tape – Mixing
Daydreaming “Dazed” demo – Recording and mixing
Falsehood “Demo” – Recording, mixing, and mastering (originally recorded in 2011)
Rhythm of Cruelty “Dysphoria” LP – Mixing

Begrime Exemious “Wasteland of Damnation” 7″ – Mixing
Begrime Exemious “Tour Tape MMXIII” – Mixing
Mahria tribute to Orchid – Recording and mixing
Rayleigh s/t demo – Recording
Todos Carean tribute to Orchid – Recording and mixing
Vitriolage “Demo I” – Recording and mixing

Begrime Exemious “Visions of the Scourge” LP – Mixing
Detroit “2012 EP” – Recording, mixing, and mastering
Detroit “Dead Languages, Foreign Bodies” – Recording and mixing
Detroit “Repulsed” –  Recording and mixing
Detroit/Pluto split – Recording and mixing of Detroit side
Dysplasia “Repulsed” – Recording and mixing
Malinger demo – Recording, mixing, and mastering (unreleased?)
Rapid Loss demo – Recording, mixing, and mastering (unreleased?)
Rude Geeks “Jhort Weather” – Recording
Suicidal Cop demo – Recording, mixing, and mastering

Detroit “Pusher” – Recording, mixing and mastering
Dysplasia “Fuck” – Recording, mixing, and mastering
Kanker demo – Recording, mixing and mastering (unreleased?)
Mahria split w/ Todos Caeran – Recording and mixing of the Mahria side.