Languid – A Paranoid Wretch in Society’s Games

At the onset of the pandemic we’re living in, I spent a weekend recording Languid’s 5th official release. This is their second full length album, containing 12 tracks of blistering d-beat/raw punk madness. I put a lot of attention to detail into this recording, from putting new skins on the drums and making sure we liked how they were sounding in raw form, to being meticulous with the mixing. The band are extremely easy to work with, as they are well rehearsed and proficient when it comes to tracking. Personally, I feel this is my best recording to date, so play it loud. The label sold out of the LP already, so you’ll have to contact the band for a copy.

Chairman – Demonstration II

One of the more unique projects that I’ve worked on, Chairman are a bunch of punks from the future, but they’re influenced by some pretty old bands. Drenched in synthesizers, and driven by bass, 80’s acts like Devo come to mind. The drums (and possibly bass) of this EP were tracked back in October 2020, with the rest of the music being completed throughout spring/summer of this year. Clint Hoekstra lent his recording services to the band as well, tracking some guitars, synths, and all of the vocals. The final product was both mixed and mastered by me.

Death Knell – Inhumanity

Sophomore recording by this punky Calgary thrash band, once again recorded and mixed by me. Much like their debut recording, I drove down to Calgary and we laid the tracks down in a single weekend. Once I was up in Edmonton again, I reamped the guitars through both my Peavey and Marshall amps. This was all done about a year ago, right before the pandemic shut down everything. Really pleased with how this turned out!

Hyphema – Putrid Mutilation

Goregrind project I mixed for a couple friends. Tracks were raw and took a bit of work to get it this way.

Bigorexia – Extemporaneous Expirations of Existence

10 song EP from Edmonton goregrinders Bigorexia. I had done work for this band before, but now they have a drummer that lives in town, so this time around I was able to record everything, as well as mixing and mastering. This came out great, features some Sopranos samples, and just grinds hard.

Highbernation – Comatokes

Sophomore release from Edmonton stoner doom metallers Highbernation. After recording them in 2018, we linked up again in January to lay down tracks for this 3 song EP. The recording was considerably smoother and turned out better than their debut in my opinion. We ended up having to use the scratch track on a couple parts, and I utilized the DI tracks at some points just to create the proper balance of sounds in some parts. It was just a really enjoyable process overall, and I’m always happy when a band decides to come work with me again. Fans of Sleep and Electric Wizard will love this.

This is the last recording I did with some of my older, cheaper microphones. I’ve since upgraded to a kit of Sennheiser e600 drum mics. I already was using the kick drum mic from that series, which was what lead me to finding out they had an entire kit available (meaning, I now have two of the kick drum mics). I was using a higher end 900 series for the overhead condenser microphones (just a rental), so it’s really just the snare/toms that were utilizing mics that were on the cheap side. Regardless, I’m still pretty pleased with what we got here, I just wanted to take note. Everything else this year has been recorded with the new mics (Drip Feeder plus a bunch that haven’t been released yet).

Dripfeeder – s/t EP

Debut EP from new Edmonton crust band DRIPFEEDER. Despite being a new band, they are no strangers to the Edmonton scene, with members who have been playing music for nearly two decades. This band is the spiritual successor to PAROXSYM, a very metallic crust band that I also recorded a few years ago. Some of the songs here definitely give that relation away. Also features members of ISOLATO, EXITS, LESSERMAN, ex-ISRKA, etc.

Azath – Through a Warren of Shadow

Coming April 17th via Pulverized Records on CD/LP and Nameless Grave on MC. Azath features members of Ripped to Shreds, Draghkar, Torture Rack, etc and myself on bass/vocals playing cavernous death metal. Mixing and layout duties also came my way. Preview the first track, “Knight of Chains” here.

Revelator – Demo II

Second demo from black/death metal band Revelator. Features current and former members of Begrime Exemious. Mixing (and layout) done by me.