Death Knell s/t EP

Crossover thrash from Calgary, AB. I went down to Calgary to record these guys, making them my first out of town recording (being mobile has its advantages). Mostly everything was recorded in a single day, with the rest being finished in the second day. Upon bringing everything home to mix it, I decided to reamp the guitars through both my amplifiers and I think it benefited the guitar sound a lot. A nice 9 songs in just under 23 minutes, including a Poison Idea cover. Fans of Nuclear Assault and Sacrilege gotta hear this.

Everythingyoueverloved – Untitled

Everythingyoueverloved play a potent combination of aggressive sludge and dreary doom metal. Extremely dynamic, ranging from some emotional atmospheric parts to some downright crushing segments. I recorded and mixed this last summer, and the tape dropped earlier this year. They finally got a Bandcamp so I’m posting it now.

Feeding – The Stench of Life pt. 2

After releasing the incredible “The Stench of Life” EP this spring, death mongers Feeding have quickly followed it up with another 5 song release. This time around, the band opted to record it themselves but still had me mix/master the tracks. This was a very fun project as I love what these guys are doing, and I tried to make this sound like part 1 as best I could. The biggest challenge was the kick drum, but that just goes to show what different mics will do.

Feeding – The Stench of Life

Feeding returns with another EP. This is my third session with the band, and they’re even more death metal than ever. By far their best sounding material to date. Catch them with Begrime Exemious on the following dates:

May 24 – Saskatoon, SK @ Indoor Skate Park w/ SPE
May 25 – Regina, SK @ The Exchange Clubside w/ Krash
June 29 – Edmonton, AB @ Coral Plaza w/ Hard Charger

Creeping Chill demo

New Edmonton punk band featuring members of Demise, Rayleigh, Falsehood, Bleach, etc. 5 songs in 7 minutes. I recorded these tracks less than two weeks ago, mixed it in a couple hours, and had their master ready as of last weekend. Very fun session, I also laid down the lead at the end of “Diseased Generation.”

Languid – Submission is the Only Freedom

Edmonton d-beat masters return again with 8 songs of noisy punk. I recorded this in the summer, and as always, the band was a blast to work with. Should be out on vinyl early in the new year!

Cruciferous – Naraka

Power trio hardcore band from Edmonton. Only a couple years old with a single demo prior, I recorded and mixed these tracks in July for their EP. Cody at Circle A Studios in Victoria mastered this and did a fine job as always. Check these veg-heads out.

Revelator – s/t Demo 2018

Brand new black/death metal band from Edmonton. Two of my very close friends asked me to mix their debut demo recently, and here it is on bandcamp. Tapes are available for preorder now (which I also did the layout for).

Highbernation – Demo

Keeping busy in 2018, here’s my third full piece of work this year – Highbernation’s debut demo. As the name suggests, they are a stoner doom band, heavily influenced by Sleep, Electric Wizard, etc. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by me.

Sacrificial Rites – s/t demo

I just completed work on the debut demo for new Edmonton band Sacrificial Rites. Featuring members of Mortillery/Narkotta, they play punky black/heavy metal. Recording, mixing, and mastering by me, I also did the solos on the last 3 tracks.