Jazz Cigarette – No Filter demo

Brand new rock n roll band from Edmonton featuring members of Messiahlator, Languid and the Dirtbags. Recorded/mixed/mastered by me during the early parts of February. For fans of AC/DC, Motorhead, and Thin Lizzy. Another fun session to work on.

Feeding EP, Paroxysm mLP

Two more releases by bands I’ve recorded have surfaced since I’ve last posted. Both recordings took place last fall and both bands are from Edmonton

First, Feeding has a tape consisting of 5 tracks. Both the recording and mixing were done by me. Four of the tracks are really thrashy hardcore that breakdown into some sludgier areas, with the other track further exploring sludge tempos. I’ve recorded them again more recently, and their newer material has taken in some Entombed influence. More on that to come. Here’s their self titled EP:

Paroxysm are another new Edmonton band, but some members are certainly not new to the scene, as they have played in bands such as Iskra, Self Rule, etc. This mLP consists of 7 ripping crust songs that live up to the genre’s core value of combining metal influences (Bolt Thrower and Sacrilege come to mind) with politically charged lyrics that highlight human atrocities close to home. I only did the recording, mixing/mastering was handled by Cody Baresich at Circle A Studio in Victoria.

Demise – Endless Restraint

In October of 2016, I recorded this power trio hardcore band from Edmonton known as Demise. I’ve been friends with them for quite some time now, and we had quite an enjoyable time putting this recording together over the course of a weekend. The tape is available now from the band.

Languid “Resist Mental Slaughter” LP & “Oblivion” EP

Over the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to record/mix a new Edmonton d-beat band known as LANGUID. They are good friends of mine and have played in a variety of great bands (TARANTUJA, MESSIAHLATOR, TOTAL WAR, UNLEARN, GEISTER, etc) throughout the years. I mastered an unreleased EP for them which eventually lead to me recording a live demo in May 2015. The band has wasted no time and had me record an LP for them in October 2015 and another 7″ in August 2016. The LP is slated for release this spring with the 7″ to follow. I am very pleased with how both projects turned out, and I feel that the “Oblivion” EP is one of my best recordings to to date. There are a couple tracks streaming from each below.

Begrime Exemious – The Enslavement Conquest


The third Begrime Exemious album, “The Enslavement Conquest,” will be released this March on CD/LP/digital on Dark Descent Records. It features 9 brand new songs of savage thrashing death metal in addition to an Incantation cover. Listen to “Noose for a Monarch,” which is streaming online courtesy of Decibel Magazine. 

Begrime Exemious - The Enslavement Conquest

Track List:
1. Cradled in Our Hands
2. Overpowered (Under Siege)
3. Transcendence
4. Rat Amongst the Herd
5. Conscription Woes
6. Subconscious Nemesis
7. Noose for a Monarch
8. Impending Diabolical Conquest (Incantation cover)
9. Crusade Towards Self Devolution
10. When the Vultures Leave

D. Orthner – Vocals, Guitar
F. Thibaudeau – Guitar, Vocals
A. Rintoul – Bass
L. Norland – Drums

“The Enslavement Conquest” was recorded in the first half of 2015 by Lee Norland, mixed by Derek Orthner, mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio (UK), with artwork by Mark Riddick.

I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve ever done, musically or otherwise. This is the first album we’ve done with myself handling lead vocals and penning all the lyrics. I was also responsible for all the mixing and the layouts for the CD/LP. The LP will be available in both black and gold wax. Shows in west Canada and a tour of the west coast US will be executed throughout 2016 in support of “The Enslavement Conquest.”

Chronobot / Hemptress – Split LP

About a year ago, I mixed 3 songs for Saskatchewan based stoner/doom band Chronobot. The tracks have finally been released as a split LP with Kamloops stoner band Hemptress. Both bands are wonderful, and I’m very happy with how the Chronobot side came out! Check the links below for listening and purchasing:

Listen to the Chronobot side.
Listen to the Hemptress side.
Purchase the LP from Sunmask.