Languid “Resist Mental Slaughter” LP & “Oblivion” EP

Over the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to record/mix a new Edmonton d-beat band known as LANGUID. They are good friends of mine and have played in a variety of great bands (TARANTUJA, MESSIAHLATOR, TOTAL WAR, UNLEARN, GEISTER, etc) throughout the years. I mastered an unreleased EP for them which eventually lead to me recording a live demo in May 2015. The band has wasted no time and had me record an LP for them in October 2015 and another 7″ in August 2016. The LP is slated for release this spring with the 7″ to follow. I am very pleased with how both projects turned out, and I feel that the “Oblivion” EP is one of my best recordings to to date. There are a couple tracks streaming from each below.